Where to buy live prawns in Singapore?

where to buy live prawns in singapore

Are you thrilled to buy live prawns? But do not know where to start? We are going to help you with a few essential details. If you are wondering where to buy live prawns in singapore, check out the nearest grocery store or online delivery service.

Know a few things before buying live prawns

Live prawns might look terrifying but you do not need to worry, they are easy to handle. You will see how they wriggle and jump around. Make sure you do not panic! If you are heading to the grocery store, you can simply get a cooler with an ice pack so that the prawns can be put into that.

However, you need to be careful with the ice. If the ice melts, then the prawns will die. You can carry a small amount of ice to bring live prawns home.

How do you know the prawns are of the highest quality?

To ensure the quality of prawn meat is good, you can cook them live with their head still attached or remove the head while the prawn is alive. After you have plucked the heads from the prawns, you need to wash the tail under cold water.

If you prefer, you can eat the tails of live prawns raw but there are multiple other options that you can choose from!

Going to buy live prawns from the grocery is not only fun but also a thrilling experience for one and all!