How has technology influenced today’s kids?

Today’s parents are always concerned about their kids spending time with technology especially on internet. Some find it progressive but most parents try to prevent their kids from using the technology most of the time. Today, kids are so intelligent and they grasp every knowledge about technology too fast, probably faster than a young adult.

There are parents who always check their kids’ total time that they spend in front of any digital screen like video games, smartphones, television, computers and other digital devices. This is also known as screen time which should be very low. Most of the parents don’t agree to the fact that technology must be part of every kids’ education life. It is mainly because they are afraid about the harsh consequences like technology addiction.

Today kids need internet to research about their subjects, projects and also school related works. Also, education has become more technological now with the online education. Internet can be the most reliable as well as the useful source if your kid loves reading and doing his research on various topics and issues. But what about the kids, whose parents can’t afford to buy a laptop for the education? Children from low-income families face this issue and as a result they even have to face a lot of mockery especially in schools.

What if your child is so interested in using digital gadgets all the time? Do you have enough control on your kid so that you can stop them whenever you want and they will obey you? Well, increased screen time has its own harsh results like there will be no physical movement if your child sits in front of some digital device and refuses to avoid it. Your child might face problems in falling asleep if he or she is too much into internet. This can even lead to rifts in family and family time can be severely affected.

With the constant immersion in technology, its high time that parents must take the charge to control their kids and create an equal balance in their life. If parents aren’t bothered about their kids using technology excessively, then it can severely affect the child’s overall development. He or she might not find interest in doing other things like playing outside, studying and other physical activities.

Parents and teachers must always ensure that the children are making correct use of technology and it should only help in the kid’s development. Falling grades has been the most common dangers of excessive use of gadgets and technology among children. When a kid spends more time with technology, he loses interest in studying and gradually the grades fall. He can also find difficulty in doing homework and won’t try to indulge in activities like reading, writing and playing.

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