Coolest Gadget of 2021

We’ve assembled a list of the gadgets we’re most willing to try out in our own homes, many of which will be available later this year. Even if you’d never consider buying one, it’s fascinating to see where the market is going and what it’s avoiding. Sustainable and smart continue to be buzzwords. Hold your breath if the best tech on show at CES 2021 doesn’t entice you. You can still count on tech firms to release new gadgets during the year, just as you can count on tech billionaire giants to keep getting richer.

Coolest Gadget of 2021

Razer Project Brooklyn

This idea for a next-generation gaming chair is more akin to a luxury gaming capsule. A panoramic view is provided by an arc of a retractable 60-inch OLED screen. The seat and arms are coated in ergonomic cushions. The chair is illuminated by RGB lighting. For simple PC-to-console transitions, a table folds in and out. The chair’s frame is also designed to vibrate during gameplay, similar to the haptic feedback used in Razer’s surround sound headset.


If Cove fulfills its pledge, it has the ability to improve the entire American workforce. Consider this example. The promise is the reduction of tension, which can be accomplished by wearing a headband for 20 minutes per day. Cove allegedly stimulates the portion of the brain that controls fear by vibrating light behind the ears. We’re so stressed out that we’d try something, even if it meant wearing this rather unfashionable and surprisingly expensive unit.

TCL Wearable Display

This system has the potential to be either brilliant or useless. The principle is straightforward: To eliminate the need for a big screen, take the quality of a 1080p OLED TV and add it to the comparatively limited area of glasses. The goal is to make the wearer feel like they’re looking at a high-definition, 140-inch TV screen four meters away from their heads, probably because they don’t own one.

Trova Home

Trova Home is identical to the safe found behind a hotel room’s sliding closet lock, except smarter, sleeker, and infinitely more pleasing to the eye. As a result, the hotel security is more like a distant third cousin. Its longest side measures just over 14 inches and can be tightly bolted to a more immovable object. When used in combination with an app, you can either tap your phone on the scanner to gain immediate access to the compartment or go through the biometric authentication phase on the app.

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